The First Asue Draw is

August 15th, 2016

Join soon to take advantage of all of our benefits!

Back to School Give-Away

All persons joining the Asue Club in the month of July will be entered into the back-to-school drawing give-away! $500.0 IN VOUCHERS!

Are you looking for...

A safe, traditional Asue?

Want to experience an on-time, guaranteed draw?

Want a stationary location where you can call-in or visit your Asue Holder?

Hands are throw secured and unsecured.

An established organization that gives back to its Asue Holders?

Look no further!

Take a look at our

Member Benefits

No late hands for the life of the Asue

$50.00 Voucher BEC

Referrals, no late hands

$15.00 BTC (at the end of their Asue Life only)

Second Draw

Water and Sewage Monetary Voucher $25.00 (one per year)

Member of the Year

Up to $1,000.00 in gifts and prizes

December Draw

$50.00 Grocery Voucher

Member’s Birthday

Gas Voucher $15.00

Member of the Quarter

Electronics (TBA)

Referrals that sign and become a member

Cable Bahamas Voucher as follows

$10.00 – 1-5
$20.00 – 6-12
$30.00 – 12 & up
(Per month)

Ways to join

Asue Life

$800.00 for 8 months @ 100.00 per month

Application fee – $75.00

Membership fee – $150.00


$2,000.00 for 9 months @ 223.00 per month

Application fee – $150.00

Membership fee – $150.00 Secured or $250.00 unsecured


$5,000.00 for 12 months @ 417.00 per month


Application fee – $100.00

Membership fee – $100.00 Secured or $200.00 unsecured

$50 re-initiation fee within 3 months of last Asue participation. $100 repayment of membership fee outside of three months.

10 Reasons

to join the Asue Club

Stationary Office

Legit stationary office with regular business hours and trained Agents to assist.

Choose your Month

Members choose the month of their draw like traditional Asues.

No Penalty Choices

No penalty for choosing early, late or mid draw

Draw Guaranteed

Draw is guaranteed to all members even if another member falters.


Incentives such as monetary vouchers for utility bills, school fees, airline tickets, back to school & gas vouchers, vouchers for food stores are available to all members maintaining a zero late hand throw.

One-time Fees

One time application and membership fees that are in place to protect both Members and the Asue Club.

Throwing Options

Low weekly and monthly hand throwing.

Join Anytime

Flexibility to join an Asue anytime of the year

Friend Incentives

Incentives for referrals that join, a Christmas Bonus to the person with the most referrals each year.

Throw Your Way

Salary deduction or over the counter hand throwing.

Draw With Benefits

Same month Draw once a year and second Draw options with benefits.

Zero Interest, No Hidden Fees

Absolutely no interest at any time, no hidden fees, late fee only if Member is late throwing his/her hand.

Earn Back Fees

8 ways to earn some of the Application Fees back!

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The Asue Club

 Soldier Rd North, first 2 story bldg passing Lowes, Rust. Former All My Children Plaza


9am – 4pm