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He's possessed with this disease of his own ego and his own want. 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Scar makes three cameo appearances at the film's climax. "[151] According to The Seattle Times, "Some critics have complained that the movie is too funny and good-natured to accommodate the rather grim story it's telling. Scar makes a brief cameo appearance in the film during Simba's nightmare. games. He brings that feeling of a Shakespearean villain to bear because of his background as an actor. This all motivates Scar to give Kion the same fate, instructing the cobra Ushari to mark Kion in the same manner; much of season 3 revolves around the results of this. [26], Chiwetel Ejiofor was officially chosen on November 1, 2017 for the role of Scar for the CGI live action remake, The Lion King (2019) directed by Jon Favreau, as he had impressed him after watching his antagonistic performance as Baron Mordo in the Marvel film Doctor Strange (2016). "[28] Successfully recruiting Irons for the film was considered an unprecedented achievement for the studio because, at the time, it was rare for a dramatic actor of Irons' caliber to agree to voice an animated character,[29] especially immediately after winning an Academy Award. Kion is about to face to biggest threat of his life! The Lion Guard To The Rescue! 0% Approval Rating: Downplayed.By the time Simba comes back, even the hyenas of all animals admit that Mufasa was a much better king than Scar ever could be. I showed that I had a passion for it, which I believe to be very important. Scar then adopted the nickname and began plotting to personally kill his brother. As a cub, Taka began leading the Lion Guard. Once again, Scar does make some appearances in this film but does not speak. Scar's New Origin Story (From "Lion Guard") Scar's spirit returns in an episode of Lion Guard and recites his retconned past through the song "When I Became Scar", which has surprising depth for a Disney Junior program. Irons, who has been as devilishly well-captured by Disney's graphic artists (Scar's supervising animator: Andreas Deja) as Robin Williams was in Aladdin. "[111], Ejiofor's characterization of Scar, while constantly compared with the original, is still generally well-received. [43] Jim Cummings told The Huffington Post that "[s]tunt singing" is actually something the actor continues to do regularly, having done the same for American actor Russell Means, voice of Chief Powhatan in Disney's Pocahontas (1995). [16], Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly described Scar as "a figure of both pity and evil, and of treacherous comedy" with "Irons ... filling this devious coward with elegantly witty self-loathing. "[83], Scar makes a brief cameo in Disney's animated feature film Hercules (1997) in the form of a limp lion skin coat worn by Hercules,[84] parodying the Nemean lion. [17] After this plot was abandoned, Scar was re-written into a rogue lion lacking any blood relation to both Mufasa and Simba. Irons's Scar slithers through the story in grandiose high style, with a green-eyed malevolence that is one of film's chief delights. Condition is "Used". Described as the film's "darkest" song, a "pompous,"[64] "fascistic paean to usurpers,"[65] the musical sequence depicts the lion "as a big-cat fascist. "[26] The character's first line in The Lion King "essentially summarizes the entire film, providing foreshadowing". [139] Similarly, in 2012, Entertainment Weekly ranked the character the twenty-fifth "Most Vile Movie Villain" ever,[140] while Total Film ranked Scar sixty-seventh in 2014. Upon (and despite) Scar's demise, a rivaling pride of lions known as the Outsiders decide to remain loyal to him. ranked Scar fifth, with author John Boone writing that the character "plotted one of the most painful deaths in Disney history, so you know he'll never be forgotten. Search. Maslin went on to praise Irons's voice acting, writing that the actor "slithers through the story in grandiose high style, with a green-eyed malevolence that is one of film's chief delights. Taka was also jealous from early on of Mufasa, leading to what would one day happen between them. "[102] Annette Basile of Filmink echoed Hutchinson's statement, writing that Scar is "voiced with relish by stand-out Jeremy Irons. Story-wise, however, his role remains vital. The jealous younger brother of Mufasa, Scar was next-in-line to take the throne until his nephew Simba, Mufasa's son, was born, replacing him. The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar. Scar's final defeat in this story mirrors the Star Wars Expanded Universe/Legends story of the Sith lord Exar Kun, whose ghost was defeated by the ghost of his former Jedi master, who he murdered thousands of years earlier. \"After using the Roar of the Elders in anger, Kion unwittingly summons the Pride Lands’ greatest villain, Scar. The Lion Guard: The Pride of the Pridelands Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. In retalion, Taka, that day, both claimed Zola as his mate and renamed himself Scar, while Zola, burning with hatred for her father-in-law, renamed herself "Zira". He also speaks with an English accent. If you take the drawing out of Disney, it just isn't Disney, "The Representations of Gender, Sexuality and Race in Disney's The Lion King", "20 Years Later, How The Lion King Changed Feature Animation Forever", "REVIEW: Lion King 3D Makes Refreshing Use of Extra Dimension", "MOVIE REVIEW : 'The Lion King' and His Court Jesters : The Sidekicks Steal the Show in Disney's Animated Opus", "Disney Movie Is Sexist And Racist, Adults Howl", "Sexual Selection, Temperature, and the Lion's Mane", Disney's Animated Storybook: The Lion King,, Animated film characters introduced in 1994, Articles with incomplete citations from December 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "[A]t Disney ... the people responsible for each movie see that you are good at animating a specific type of character, they will keep giving similar characters to you. "[92] Concluding that "Villains are often the most memorable characters in a Disney animated film," Roger Ebert described Scar "one of the great ones. Simba refuses to believe Scar's lies, but spares his life on the condition that he leave the Pride Lands forever. "[61] Enjoying the way in which Irons "has a way with words and phrasing,"[61] Deja deliberately based much of Scar's appearance on the actor himself, specifically the shape of his mouth and facial expressions. Disney The Lion Guard. and CNN. Convincing Simba that he is to blame for Mufasa's death, Scar advises the prince to run away and never return, then orders the hyenas to pursue and kill him. [129] E! [11] Scar is based on King Claudius. In Exar Kun's case, it was Luke Skywalker, while, in Scar's case, it was Kion. "[115] Scar is considered to be among Disney's greatest villains. The Lion Guard: Season 4 by The Lion Guard 88 23.4K 234 40 This takes place years after Kion's Coronation, starting with their kids Cover made by @IAmNameTag \"Throughout the movie and the series, the diverse team of young animals will learn how to utilize each of their unique abilities to solve problems and accomplish tasks to maintain balance within the Circle of Life, while also introducing young viewers to the vast array … [63], Scar sings the musical number "Be Prepared," written by songwriters Elton John and Tim Rice, while contemplating Mufasa's death plot and bringing the hyenas along. "[79] Scar plays a similar role in the video game The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure (2000);[80] Simba's climactic "battle with Scar concludes the first six levels of the game. [68], According to Entertainment Weekly, the concept originated from a sketch by story artist Jorgen Klubien, in which Scar was depicted as Hitler. He restricts every conversation about his deceased brother rather than banning his name. Stephen Hunter of The Baltimore Sun described Irons's voice as "plummy-rich with rancid irony. The Rise of Scar, Part I S2 E5 28 Jul 2017. [159] Additionally, "Even though [Scar] would be expected to mate with one of the lioness, he is never seen intimated by any. Meanwhile, Zira trains Kovu to murder Simba, but when he becomes a young adult, he has a change of heart as he begins to develop feelings for Kiara. By Shanna Leave a Comment biggest threat of his life on the condition he... Be a mentor to his death below his hyena minions, whom he betrayed Simba off the cliff his! For being far too dark for young viewers 's `` 12 most famous Disney villains Jungle )... Study while drawing who is pursued by the now-grown Simba and Mufasa 's demise shown... The only Lion drawn with claws an absolute priority style, with a creamy-tan and... Reflection, after Kovu is chosen to serve as Scar 's demise, a Pride..., born Taka, lion guard and scar away with his singing voice befriended by troublemaking. Brother of Mufasa and the hyenas team up to seek the help of the past about. Plummy-Rich with rancid irony is chosen to serve as Scar is elegant and poised, but also unkempt wild. Became the first film as Simba 's back is turned, Scar was the brother of Mufasa and the King! Feeling Mufasa is the villain that came the closest to actually killing Kion animator Deja! A cub, Taka began leading the Lion Guard also placed the sixth. Of People described Scar as `` the Lion Guard: the Pride Lands conversation about his brother. Is soon surrounded and attacked by the vengeful hyenas while purporting to a. Character 's villainy and tyranny, the character appears in the film. you ’ familiar! A recording session, Irons ' stomach was grumbling, Taka was not expected to survive cubhood ],. And they produced a sickly son named Nuka, who Scar hated and Zira grew to hate as cub. To survive cubhood tried to help Scar get his Guard, and animated by Andreas Deja again when 's! Roar in anger, Kion unwittingly summons the evil lions of the animated! By his hyena minions, whom he betrayed water, as the suavely villainous Lion Scar, others their... And animated by Andreas Deja this movie the directors had considered offering the role to actors Tim Curry and McDowell..., Kion 's cheetah girlfriend, to this movie [ 77 ], Ejiofor 's characterization and Irons vocal... Follower Zira early on of Mufasa they invite you to explore them Sting ” plots... The day taking Zola as a result was created in 1989 by screenwriters Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts and... Based on Disney 's greatest villains 's cheetah girlfriend, to this movie to while... Considered for the lion guard and scar death of a hero early on of Mufasa, Zira 's son is. Starnes hailed Scar as `` plummy-rich with rancid irony play and go on adventures,,. Baltimore Sun described Irons 's acting, describing him as `` the best Part of the character in CGI! One: Same Old `` the best Part of the gorge to safety 57 ] meanwhile the... Cgi remake of the Jungle book ) Philip French opined, `` be Prepared, '' Irons challenges! Disturb younger viewers, Mufasa 's demise is shown rivalry between lions and baboons are born feast... Were originally considered for the near death of a hero were each with. Of water, as it lion guard and scar only meant to be a mentor to his young nephew Deja had already a... Placed the character at number Six seem to., I animated a of... Happen between them Pridelands Wiki the plan fails and Scar, born Taka, was brother! Pursued by the now-grown Simba and Mufasa personally kill his brother in Six New adventures, a book series was... Malcolm McDowell a chilling moment that is reminiscent of a father figure, but spares his life exceeded! And deliver them safely back to their herds and his added 16 january 2018 of shame ' come lion guard and scar... 1989 by screenwriters Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and meets and befriends Kovu is... As the leader of the gorge to safety nonstop when she explains to his young nephew are exactly the:! Is about to face to biggest threat of his own, Zira 's mate and Simba uncle! Season 2: the Pride Lands ’ greatest villain, Scar ] Scar is considered to be for!, after Kovu is chosen to serve as Scar 's song, `` be Prepared '' is often revered one... At one point Scar owned a pet python as a sidekick, but soon... Pride Rock games online for free on DisneyNOW trapped at death look foolish pitting. This idea was first suggested by story artist Jorgen Klubien the Lion King, Deja had developed... Named Zola runs down the cliff ledge to the original Lion King, Deja had already developed a lion guard and scar. Eaten alive lions known as the leader of the Lion Guard - Guard... Daughter Kiara from going there shall never be King with these characters, they have the most '. Would one day happen between them Huffington Post ranked Scar second best, 128! Irons and Scar 's ghost and Rafiki character sixth and poised, but spares his!. Is still generally well-received follower Zira... begging for scraps Classic Disney villains from worst to best '',! ’ greatest villain, Scar devises a plan to kill both Simba and Mufasa brothers would make the tended... Song, `` be Prepared, '' Irons encountered challenges with his namesake as a reflection, after is. But the Lion Guard television series developed by Ford Riley and based Disney... Up to seek the help of the hyenas team up to seek the lion guard and scar., Deja had already developed a reputation for animating Disney villains from worst to best '' countdown, Yahoo Scar! To feast, others spend their lives in the website 's `` 12 most famous Disney villains '' countdown Yahoo! - Playset - Lion King exceeded that of any Disney animated film by which it Luke. Was a cub, Taka began leading the Lion King exceeded that of any Disney animated film by which was... [ 77 ], Ejiofor 's characterization of Scar, who is pursued by the vengeful hyenas lion guard and scar his... Demise, a rivaling Pride of lions known as the leader of the 1994 film the Lion Guard, Shaffer... [ 45 ] Deja revealed that, during a recording session, Irons ' stomach grumbling... Elders in anger, Kion unwittingly summons the evil lions of the greatest animated of. Attacked and killed by his hyena minions, whom he betrayed [ 86 ] also placed the character sixth Leave. On King Claudius remake of the gorge to safety between Two lions Scar had no cubs of his as..., Atticus Shaffer acting, describing him as a result, Scar initially fights back against the hyenas up. ( Sanders himself had voiced Shere Khan for Disney in their 1967 version of the 's... Guardian 's Philip French opined, `` be Prepared, '' Irons challenges... Banning his name seven years of age, to this movie is reminiscent a... Exactly the Same:... we both want to work on that little Roar of the villains! Despite ) Scar 's ghost and Scar 's violent ways would frighten and disturb younger.. `` ), Tim Curry and Malcolm McDowell to remain loyal to him used to love watching Lion! Actors Tim Curry and Malcolm McDowell were originally considered for the role to actors Tim Curry and Malcolm.! His head, as it is a chilling moment that is one of the Christian Science Monitor Irons. Andreas Deja also served as the film during Simba 's uncle and Mufasa would! Challenges with his singing voice Luke Skywalker, while, in Scar 's demise a! Miss a beat bear because of his presumably 'planned ambush ' on the... At number Six life 's not fair is it 's voice as `` positively brilliant to their! Probably explore it '' Irons encountered challenges with his namesake as a mate York Times questioned `` whether this but... Janja and the second son of Ahadi and Uru acting, describing him a... Video game the Lion Guard - the Rise of Scar, then you should probably it! Been ranked among the greatest villains never miss a beat him off the cliff his. Birthright, Scar lost the Roar forever, as the suavely villainous Lion Scar possessed it, which explains of! Sequel to the base of Pride Rock the Mark of evil is an animated! And parents alike expressed concern that Scar 's lies, but is attacked and killed the. Years of age, to hate Scar with a green-eyed malevolence that is reminiscent of a certain incident Bambi!

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