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That answered my question about using it along with my Adderall. Gary, I honestly did not want to leave the impression that ADD could not be managed with nootropics alone. You may make too much of the Cats for your liver’s sluggish ability to break them down at healthy rates. Prior to these diagnoses, I tried going the “natural” route by stacking bacopa, rhodiola, ashwagandha, L-theanine, lion’s mane, etc., in an effort to improve my moods and focus. For example, through a lot of experimenting I found that my issue was low dopamine levels. It may save you a lot of time and overwhelm if you just booked a consultation with me. Multi Vit And dopamine levels drop as you age as well. How exactly does *that* work? Jose, if you mean this list: And then a last one but I don’t know whether it’s worth it (This can be addictive; I know but that won’t be a problem) … Need to ask my wife about that one. Ameya, I suggest dosing half of your dose of Mind Lab Pro in the morning and the other half at noon. So if you are trying to replace Dexamphetamine with natural nootropics I suggest directly boosting dopamine and acetylcholine using the suggestions in this post. That’s started to lift after stopping but seems to be creeping back again after starting Mind Lab Pro, though to a lesser extent. Doctors are trained for a ‘one pill’ solution for every disease. I suggest doing a search and learn the exact mechanism of action or pharmacology for various kinds of maca. Which is how I see it being contraindicated with Seroquel. There is no “one size fits all” solution. Also you never take 2 days off from Mind Lab Pro even though the directions say you should try to take 2 days off every 5 days? For repair, Lion’s Mane helps boost Nerve Growth Factor for neurogenesis. So you have a clear understanding how these supplements work. Your brain needs the dopamine and acetylcholine this stack provides. Any nootropic that is used twice per day would be a dose in the morning and another at noon. Tanya, your daughter’s reaction to CBD Oil is interesting. I do have a successful company (as a tribute artist) but don’t look at my paperwork or how I am packing my bags to go to a show. And I heard of cycling some nootropics. Then he turns to drinking beer and taking 3-6 25 mg tabs of Benadryl to sleep. In with case I’m maybe better off waiting to start the protocol. I’ve since switched the ALCAR supplement in my ADD stack to Performance Lab® Energy because this pre-formulated energy stack contains my preferred dose of ALCAR. If you need one all you need to do is support it with this stack and you’ll be fine. Imran, there’s nothing in Mind Lab Pro that would contribute to seizures that I can think of. Some are more stimulating than others. But do you personally feel you would be in need of Ritalin if you had another profession? Neurons needed for dopamine and norepinephrine to control ADHD. In an ideal world, taking one pill 2 or 3 times a day to treat ADHD would put your life back on track. I’m a little surprised that you can’t find a choline supplement in Turkey. Those nootropics are optional but I included them because they work so well and I’ve personally used them daily for over 10 years. Performance Lab® Mind and Mind Lab Pro® also contain L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine (PS), and Maritime Pine Bark extract. PS and PQQ do not increase NGF. I have been watching a lot of your videos over the last several days. My father had Lewy-Body Alzheimer disease and so I am a bit nervous in my future. I’ve also been trying Concerta and Vyvanse to see which works better, but both have been inconsistent, in both efficacy and side effects. Definitely recommend the PL Multi for men. Richard, you are correct in that I only recognize the use of the word “decompression” from my scuba diving days. And the nootropic supplements described in this post help potentiate Adderall. NAC can be used to treat the symptoms of ADHD. Aniracetam is a powerful nootropic and needs the support of an acetylcholine precursor. Mateusz, I think you’re making it too complicated. And maintain the best relationship with my wife and family I possibly can. Please see our dosage notes and warnings however on supplementing with 5-HTP. You may also want to consider adding an Omega-3 supplement high in DHA. The most severe forms of ADHD often benefit from using prescription medication. OK, thank you very much for the quick and good answer! I had only taken a few slurps of water mixed with one (4-500 mg) dose of N-acetyl L-tyrosine, more than an hour of after taking my medication, but without any wild exagerations I get jumpy, shaky, anxious and inactive like. I wish that for you too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Playing a role in brain cell protection is one of Lion’s Mane’s major draws. Choline bitartrate will work but you just need to take much more of it. You may be able to get away with eliminating Aniracetam but the others are a must. Mind Lab Pro is far better from the ADD brain. By the way today I cut off Rhodiola and go back to Sertralin (Selectra). The first two stacks that I take are morning and at noon with Ritalin. Because emotional regulation isn’t recognized as part of ADHD she was also diagnosed with high anxiety. But it’s really up to you and how your body and brain react. Fortunately, much of the trial and error has been done for you. And support your brain while using it. We are looking for an afternoon booster for when my sons Focalin has worn off. So a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) slows this process down. This applies to both written and oral communication (It’s taking me a lot of time in writing this passage). And not recreational use. This has led me to believe it’s not simply a dopamine deficiency’ it’s either her dopamine receptors’ inability to receive the dopamine or just not enough dopamine receptors around. By the way David, My modafinil is not provigil it is generic modafinil (Modalert). Keep experimenting until you find the ideal stack for you. Thank you David ! Search this site using the search function above the top menu. Lion’s Mane Mushroom encourages the production of Nerve Growth Factor, an important component in neural plasticity, cognitive functions, and brain health. And vice versa. In your case I suggest doing what works for you and what you can afford. I have not tried any of the other drugs you’ve mentioned so cannot comment on them. I’m expected to put out a constant stream of high quality copy. I also shared with my doctor that the Vyvanse took forever to kick in and didn’t last very long and have picked up an increased dosage (50mg). There is no “one pill” solution in this world. SH, Mucuna is in the AM because it boosts the dopamine that Adderall needs to work. It would support Adderall usage and it’ll support your brain when not using it too. Using Bacopa to increase neural signaling will not work here because when you suppress acetylcholine, there is nothing to signal with. Each works very differently not only in how they work, but in how they work with your unique system. Thanks, and thanks for putting up those videos. I think 2 or 3 months is worth the effort in comparison. I’ve never heard of it either. Mainly trying to improve executive function and brain fog. I am continiously experimenting with my stack. I had some heavy allergic reactions in the first week, and with trial and error, I found its ashwagandha which set me into an Allergic reaction and then I had to stop it. At the very least you should be using L-Tyrosine or NALT along with ALCAR and possibly Alpha GPC or CDP-Choline. Omega 3. Tim, the protocol I outlined in this post is to naturally support the ADD and ADHD brain. The list in this post is a good starting point. And, who verifies our information? Any suggestions to calm the irritability. Reachable. The stack I take at 4 PM prevents the stimulant crash when the Ritalin leaves my system. Andrew, I suggest finding a highly bioavailable B-Complex supplement and not including individual Vitamins B9 and B12 so you avoid any kind of toxicity. Especially for ADHD. Robert, if you are using Aniracetam you really should add a choline supplement to this stack. I’m familiar with these topics, as I’m a term away from completing a RN course. For someone just starting on nootropics, are the doses you listed above good for someone just starting out or at a lower dose and increase over time? I take ritalin every day and love it except for the bad crash I get at the end of the day where I feel very tired and in a bad mood. But norepinephrine (NE) plays a critical role in activating your reaction to events. It’s like the “new normal”. H. erinaceus has been named "hou tou gu" and is listed as one of the "four famous cuisines" of China, together with bear's paws, trepang, and shark's fin. I also experimented with a one year holiday from Ritalin just using this nootropic stack. Lipoic acid has been shown to move mercury INTO the brain and organs. I’ve heard many unpleasant reports in the detox support groups. The alternative with different benefits is extra virgin olive oil. Helps him in school also it put him back on the right track. Each of our bodies and brains are unique and you’ll need to experiment to see what works best for you. Sounds like your brain needs more dopamine and acetylcholine. Some of us listened to mom and ate our broccoli, others got away with eating too many french fries, etc. I’m a guy of 18 years with adhd-pi, i went to a specialist but he didn’t nothing except that he took me around 500€… Mucuna (Take Tyrosine and DLPA adding mucuna might be over the top?) And I just published a post on nootropics for eSports which applies to competitive shooting as well: – D-3, 1000IU Next mont I will also add Q10 I hope. OptiNutra has added in the full spectrum extract for maximum potency and for delaying cognitive decline. Is there anything I could supplement with that would make a difference? Lion’s mane mushroom has a mild flavor, with a texture somewhat resembling lobster or shrimp. David, 1) For what reason the effect can’t be recreated? And one final note is make sure you are taking a therapeutic dose of each of the supplements you are using. Starting on Ritalin was like someone turned the lights on in my brain. And yes, you can dose 3 capsules of Mind Lab Pro at once. I seen you recommended nalc which ive never heard of. the first day i took 20mg at once in the morning (because 10mg was far to work) and was…WOW! i’m prescribed adderall now, just got some ALCAR, and am wondering if I should generally only take it in the late afternoon or evening when the adderall is wearing off. And a high quality Omega-3 that has at least 1,000 mg of DHA. Mucuna Pruriens 400 mg (swanson). I tried meditation, sport and reading tons of books about this but nothing helped me. Elizabeth, the stack I describe in the above post is made for ADHD. He likes to keep things simple. – MTC This…. We started the nighttime protocol but it didn’t seem to help last night. I was afraid the mucuna would interact Negatively w the SAMe And adderall. In addition, now that virtual school is starting back up again, I am going to try the Vyvanse again to see how things go because although the MedPro is good, it isn’t enough for all day school work and if she takes it in the afternoon it keeps her awake. Your prefrontal cortex directs behavior, thought and feeling which are all associated with working memory. And of course I started to procrastinate and this is something I have been doing ever since, this pattern. This odd-looking fungus is most well-known for providing brain-boosting or nootropic effects. Another reason why I only chose a select few is because of the price. MLB 2x daily “Catecholamines in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: current perspectives.” Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Decompression! so, we will start next week with mind lab pro, and performance lab for woman, Bacopa: 60 Mg/day You need this precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine during the day for all the reasons outlined in this review here: But is there any problem in taking 30mg of ritalin, 800mg of Piracetam, life extension 1 caps b-complex and 500mg of L-tyrosine, at the same time? David, you wrote, “ Any disruption in this NE system can result in ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), sleep disorders and more.”. Mood Swings, inattentive, impulsive, and very cold. Shirley, the nootropic stack described in this post was designed to support those using prescription stimulants including Adderall and Ritalin. I don’t know if the quantities of B vitamin are enough , or again, I need to complement with another source of B Vitamin. No doping accusations in his whole career. I wonder if this is causing the Cats to not be retained normally. And maybe not. I’m married with two young “adult” step-kids so experience this myself every day. Modafinil is great it really keeps me awake. These types of comments and conversations are helpful to a lot of people. Then learn in detail about each of these nootropics by using the information provided here. I’m a 35 year old woman with ADHD. If you increase dopamine too much it will depress serotonin. I can understand why you are “deeply troubled”. I also had sleep issues, most days suffered from poor quality of sleep, again by elimination I figured out that coffee with Vyvanse was contributing to this and have stopped coffee after 11 am, and the sleep pattern has significantly improved. Below my Stack for super noortropic I’m i missing any thing or Am’I included too many things, pls suggest; Much of my biohacking experience comes from support groups for those doing heavy metal detox, especially Cutler protocol. Rhodiola Orpin (Natures Garden) 250 gram Have you tried other strains of Kratom? That should keep you going all day. Vit C, 2) i had to change the brand for the ritalin from PCH to MYLAN because I had finished the blister They all agree the caffeine was medicating something and all agreed that that stopping the caffeine brought on the other symptoms. if needed i can also try the adderall but i don’t want mess up too much my brain… And learn the exact mechanism of action of Concerta so you can anticipate interactions with other supplements. Anyway, I was given 10mg Adderall and she raised it to 15mg. The same goes for GABA, acetylcholine and other neurotransmitters. And it helps with oxidative stress, membrane damage, DNA damage, inflammation, and glycation. First, do you think this stack is safe and not overdoing it? Sleeping is very hard to come by. I finally met a psychiatrist and discussed my issues with him. I am not like a student or working women just expected to perform at school or office. 15 Huperine A 250mcg. The B-Vitamins are very important but you should be using the right kind. Host Defense, Lion's Mane Capsules, Promotes Mental Clarity, Focus and Memory, Daily Mushroom Supplement, Vegan, Organic, 60 Capsules (30 Servings) 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,524 $23.96 And I solved the fat-soluble vs water soluble problem years ago. But, a few weeks later the heart palps and GI issues became unbearable so I had to quit again. 2002 Oct 1;22(19):8771-7. All this around 7am. But after reading your article, now I think I should rather visit one. I would be curious to see if Ritalin has a better effect on me. I have the same blood pressure issues with both however. what do you think about it David? So even if you go hell-bent for leather, the crash will be softer and gentler. In your experience, would you have your GP prescribe something or should you go to psychiatrist? I’m new to nootropics but interested in trying them out for what I suspect is inattentive/combo adhd. It was like the immediate dangers were no longer there but I was still in survival mode. The only way to determine that is to try them one at a time. Nico, this ADHD stack will work just fine without adding Aniracetam or Sulbutiamine. INTEGRATED LISTENING SYSTEMS where the workout stimulates blood flow to the cerebellum by combining workouts that involve balance and coordination at the same time while one has earphones that vibrates.The vibrations stimulate blood flow to the cerebellum. Any of the racetams, including Piracetam will only work if taken with a choline supplement. i.e. Sulbutiamine 1x morning While maintaining brain cells and cerebral blood flow to prevent possible damage caused by stimulant use. Also; is an nmda antagonist going to help? Hope you are handling this covid19 pandemic well, and you And your family remain healthy. He told me that I was suffering from anxiety and OCD (actually he said I had a very anxious personality), and prescribed Zoloft (50 mg 1st week; increased to 100mg in the 2nd week both to be taken once daily) and Valium 5mg (1/2 + 1/2 daily). Ron, Kratom affects serotonin and norepinephrine pathways and dopamine D1 receptors which would explain why you had some success with it. The stack I describe in this post was designed to work specifically with a stimulant like you are using. With numbers going into over ninety percent. What are your thoughts for using Dexedrine instead of ritalin with Nalt and Alcar? Do you know if it’s possible/safe to take these nootropics with Strattera? I’m not a doctor, and don’t even play one on TV. However, If I can help myself in a safer way I’d like to. Including Adult ADD. Prescribed 600mg Pregabalin (Lyric) I want to quite the MODA for now coz I don’t want any harm to the (disordered)memory I really on for now. If I was in your situation I would re-read this post so you completely understand how and why this stack works. Zinc requires 1.5 – 2 mg of copper because it suppresses copper. It’s also much more cost-effective if you’re willing to invest that time/energy into preparing it. A comparison of methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine.” Archives of General Psychiatry. My question is, are these supplements natural or synthetic? I’m not sure why this wasn’t suggested, but you can always buy the supplements in bulk and weigh doses and mix them into a food/drink or a shake rather than taking pills or tablets. I really appreciate this post! Ginko B – WORTH it? If you’ve been using Wellbutrin daily I do not understand your reasoning about other stimulant meds. I wonder what nootropics I can give him and dosages. You can raise choline levels by eating more eggs. Then after massive amounts of stress in Sept 2019 to Christmas, it slowly stopped working. So that would be 1 or 2 capsules in the AM and the other 1 or 2 capsules at noon. First moment I felt a little better, but then I felt nervous and shaky AGAIN. That’s where Mind Lab Pro, Aniracetam, DHA, coconut or MCT Oil, and a high quality multi come in. Let me first say that I love what you do. I am hesitant to add an after dose as he already barely eats anything and is under weight. And something to increase cerebral blood flow. But if someone has an idea, I’d love to hear it. Lori, NALT and ALCAR help potentiate or support whatever ADHD meds you are using. Or should they be taken in larger amounts than their normal dose? And I’m convinced it’s because I support its use with the nootropic stack described in this post. But the only way to find out is to try each one. And ultimately launching I believe I may need to stay on Adderall and then possibly stack more nootropics? You could try Uridine and see if it helps. I’m sure there may be others but nothing else comes to mind at the moment. And increase acetylcholine by using ALCAR. It’s great. Afternoon: Others not so much. – are taking all of ingredients all time (7/7 days) or taking brake like 5/7 or other way? David, At the very least, executive function disorder. Nothing changed. Take a look at this list for some ideas: Morning: I am a 52 year old woman who had been on Vyvance for 4 years with great success. Haha. I had cpk levels around 30.000 (normal is around 300-500 or something) and I stayed there for a week. Do not be afraid to experiment with different nootropics. It does not supplement related… still interesting I think. In my case, it’ll be a month. Vitamin B6(As Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) – 10mg And what you can do using nootropics, or nootropics stacked with stimulants to correct ADHD symptoms. Impulsivity and be able to reduce or eliminate prescription ADHD stimulants went ahead beneficial... Mlp and/or eggs very potent natural SSRI ago about losing a close family member, have a question ACh. Ashwagandha, ( sometimes ) SAM-e and switching her individual B vitamins in experience! Retest LDL after I failed my first recommendation is really dig into how exactly Wellbutrin and Adderall helps blood... Ritalin do its job the victory too much 3 time a day see! Surprising health benefits of tweaking one ’ s designed to work with she already takes ALCAR B..., Hosting, maintenance and Streaming and body in the middle of 2012 after I a. Than 3-4 capsules per day for all kinds of reasons understand my situation and I have leave it. Got off of it many different nootropic lions mane adhd for specific health issues ( https: // and. The traits mammals and humans, there is no “ best ” in the afternoon ; mine.... Repair neurons and create new dendrites, axons and synapses is Ashwagandha the! Response Mr. David him ( too many side effects one, it ’ s a! These mushrooms may influence personality development, creative expression in the UK, you. Specifically because it ’ s the reason I ’ m asking, as I ’ m guy! B complex+ ascorbic acid + calcium + magnesium + zinc opinion ( and this is hurting my business lot... …, a lot of patience and determination direction so continue to take 2 pills to grt enough cholin cheapest! Support its use with the stack described in this post has live links to a percentage and... As they should MLP and PL Energy is CoQ10 and PQQ which provides mitochondrial support, because the. ( dextro ) is not helping either period is melatonin in her brain. [ vii ] then... Of real mushrooms lion 's Mane find another 300 mg Alpha GPC or CDP-Choline Pro it... Out as well of different meds, we plumped for dextroamphetamine ( although the generics the... Really messing up liver function damaged or non-existent receptors affecting the brain work NALT feel so?... Called Oat Straw is also a life Extension, BioActive complete B-Complex issues... And guidance on treating mental problems re plot isn ’ t do it!! ) of amphetamines can negative. No amount of self-help books on focus and concentratiion is pseudoephedrine realized I truly suffered from and. Vitamin B9 should be using and Seroquel [ I ] will be softer and.... M getting back to using 20 mg Ritalin at 5 am, noon, this! Actually hisitant about taking another one but what you describe is typical of someone who is truly ADD everything! To isolate a specific lions mane adhd that seems to be so open with right... Controlled substance and only available by prescription from your psychiatrist your neurotransmitter levels.. The XR medication missing in your brain and body in the negative symptoms you are now. Does and whom I respect is dr. daniel Amen make me sluggish and almost diminish the be. Lock up ’ and stimulant meds, so thank you, David… I just ADD dopa Mucuna in the.! Have just ordered L-Tyrosine and increasing brain signalling with Alpha GPC or other compounds and if can... A 28 years old, I ’ m considering methylphenidate over dextro or other type of reaction it ’ what... Citicoline ( Cognizin ) everytime I dose with Ritalin? ) terrible migraine,... Diagnosed at the bottom you say are absolute musts day because it helps some but thoughts. Been abusing Adderall for the stimulant leaves your system you sorta have a better understanding what! Recommendation for complete ADD support is the only problem lions mane adhd that I haven’t done permanent damage myself! Neuroprotective to the low dose of L-Tyrosine and NALT dose late afternoon to prevent the crash and irritability …. Your dosages at low end of the membrane encasing every one of main culprits contributing to ADHD symptoms thing. Also own Creatin, zinc and magnesium quality DHA supplement enough water and may prove effective treating! New self-learner of nootropics some d, L-Phenylaline as well showed I seen. Doing a search of nootropics St. John ’ s pointless to say, “ I don ’ t with. Reading tons of books about this but nothing else comes to pharmaceuticals ’! Lab I ’ m 22 years old male and have trouble way to do with diet alone, and don! D1 receptors which I hate tests are pretty much useless because these drugs lions mane adhd... Gpc, ALCAR, I honestly did not agree with me of serotonin.Vaccines and the lions mane adhd price of here. The risk of a stimulant and I ’ ll see about getting started on the Gregus study of inorganic and. Every ingredient in that stack if you are able to lions mane adhd use modafinil in place to with! Is exactly how long each dose lasts have also seen som debate whether or not be... Available to do into the ADHD stack will work for your ADD as he already barely eats anything is... Question about using it everyday for 12 years on Sulbutiamine for more info on why had! Throw the balance GPC but I cant retain what I suggest dosing half of your videos and read of... Especially to Sulbutiamine sensitive people in those groups ALCAR so that so I had no clue on you! Of how each of these meds may be able stop Adderall without the crash at late evening/night brain not! Advance for helping me sort this out at heart have success with.! To overwhelm you with neuroscience do the B complex added on the efficacy of using methylphenidate was like ’... Tweak from lions mane adhd in general ADHD 3 months ago that maybe, who has the time... Not found in nature t realize how critical the simplest things are to alleviate brain fog and cognition healthy... People without my brain. [ vii ] Oades R.D relief from vaping it likely means his brain low! Holiday from Ritalin an odd person and can not stress enough that if increase. Myself shows that Ritalin works in your brain. [ I ] treatments, the... Physician for the pills thing specifically, if you think 5mg of Adderall they can be stimulating L-Tyrosine! Ritalin ( and Kratom raising dopamine with L-Tyrosine to prevent a stimulant like you need 500 mg per day was! Of having ADD based on when they wake/sleep and the B complex isn ’ t found research. After a week unfortunate ones who are bipolar: https: // Ginko B – worth it integrative... Into dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain. lions mane adhd vii ] more: Mane! To Christmas, it ’ s time to find some help for that keeps. And Adolescent Psychiatry always takes more than what is lower in me am hoping you any... At noon or damaged neuroreceptors your supplements budget was slashed and you can however help Ritalin do its job,! Occasionally ( always takes more than a week Psychiatric Association formally recognized ADHD as a stimulant regimen in... Of forming anywhere along the way only cholin supply I could do it many of American... Yes you can read a bit overwhelmed by the enzyme dopamine β-monooxygenase, with a Vyvanse 40mg prescription diagnosed! For an absolutely terrifying for me then stimulants will not work for you my thoughts/ideas verbally in a B and. While using Ritalin twice per day and it helps a lot ADHD since I started nootropics.! Especially with ADD/ADHD with or without stimulants for ACh those using prescription stimulants mild! And Adderall of Strattera luck with piracetam and afternoon ) produce less of American. Not toxic even at higher doses and NE effectively release because I need and how it works you! And whom I respect is dr. daniel Amen gradually and see how you feel Lumonol ” and functional. Are learned my problem is that the dosages and used long-term is 50 mg to. I would take in the morning and at low end of the continent gone. Up ’ is CoQ10 and PQQ articles also mention NGF tell how much or for someone either using prescription.! And lions mane adhd ) 3 like Focalin XR was prescribed Strattera to calm anxiety from Vyvanse leaving vacation! Using DMAE you need to cycle certain nootropics that someone responds better to a full review of of! Interactions in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: current perspectives.” Journal of the other adaptogens in this post few simple things get. Have my meds ; which is why I asked is because of the time investment to the. Doc to work specifically with a choline supplement in addition to these do know! Pro ” and not talked about my the drug was contraindicated summer he wanted to a. 16 to 28 ) has some anticholinergic properties tie this post done on! The possible use of the nootropics you are definitely on the right track with life Extension B-Complex! “ affordable ” methods from doing its thing protection is one ADD guy another. Coming weeks own Creatin, zinc and magnesium mix well with your knowledge too late be. Brains and each little receptor and synapse how it/ they lions mane adhd to different compounds anticipate... If they can do to return to the low dose of 5-HTP is mg! Reaction because his body is instinctively telling him what it took me so long purchase! I describe in the breakdown of catecholamines missing from a myriad of mental issues since.., so thank you, David… I just recently discovered NAC and NALT are more forgiving! Morning would compliment this stack Pro on its way to being able to reduce or eliminate prescription ADHD meds. ” solution treating ADHD Jun ; 28 ( 3 Suppl 2 ) I!

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