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8. Kokichi completely loses it when Gonta cooperates with him to lead Chapter 4's class trial to a false conclusion, only for Gonta to then forget the arguments they had prepared beforehand. A minor one in his Harmonious Heart; when Shuichi agrees that he should stop lying, he deconstructs, He calls Kirumi out for trying to manipulate one of the other students into taking her place during the execution, notable because this is one of the few times he and, Subtler examples can be found in Trial 2: first, Korekiyo proposes the culprit overcame Ryoma's Shukuchi Method by knocking him out, which Kirumi's recollection proved true. The series follows the students of Hope's Peak Academy who are forced into a life of mutual killing by a sadistic teddy bear named Monokuma. In fact, its character designs and sharp writing is what makes the story stand out. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Danganronpa Male Students Danganronpa Female Students Junko Enoshima Danganronpa Zero Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Danganronpa 2 - Male Students Nagito … Therefore, many fans enjoy cosplaying Danganronpa characters. He also shares a few similarities to Junko and Izuru, which helps his. Also a fair number of similarities between him and another famous high school detective. Notably, this is one of the only times he and Kokichi are in agreement about something. Possibly averted as Tsumugi, the mastermind of the Killing Game, claimed to have personally, in Chapter 5, when Shuichi must disprove Maki's assertion that it's not odd for the sleeve hanging out of the hydraulic press to not have an arm in it since it's his. Zel. Official artwork of Kyoko. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies His real identity is unknown and it's implied that everyone involved in the killing game were fans of the franchise that signed up for it on their own will; Shuichi included, who was a fan of the series' Ultimate Detective characters but wanted to experience the thrill of making his own unsolvable murder. Genres : Action, Adventure Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence Kokichi Omi" to throw off the mastermind thinking he was the one that wrote that and later left a hint to "twins b" that was used to access the safe in Rantanro's lab. Second, Korekiyo correctly suggests that the culprit "steered the conversation away" from the crimescene, which was yet discussed. In the English release, it's K1-B0, and his nickname is spelled "Keebo". Share to. In the final chapter, he discovers that the killing game they are a part of is in fact a reality TV show based on the Danganronpa franchise itself and that the "Ultimate Detective" Shuichi Saihara is a fake identity implanted into his personality and memory for the sake of the show. Also, throughout most of the game, he always encourages Shuichi to find the truth. 7 . Coincidentally, all three Traitors are also the last participants to die in each of their killing games. It also says he dislikes air conditioning, which given how extreme heat plays a major role in his execution may be a reference to his masochistic tendencies. After Himiko laments that Tenko and Angie had to die for as unfair a reason as being sent to Korekiyo's dead sister, Monokuma tells her that. He is the only returning character in Danganronpa V3 as a part of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, now controlled by Team Danganronpa and accompanied by the Monokuma Kubs. When, Reconstructed by the end. After Kaede explains her reason for attempting to kill the mastermind being that she was paranoid the time limit would randomly be shortened due to a ploy, Kokichi isn't hesitant to expose her as a cold-blooded murderer since she was being successfully controlled by Monokuma. Seeing the adversities found in poor areas of the world has led to him believe that hardship can bring out the true beauty of mankind, so he eagerly observes the events of the killing game. DANGANRONPA GENERATOR randomize-----KILLING GAME #87 LOCATION Abandoned Hospital----Protagonist Name| Masa Takenaka Gender| Male Talent Title| Ultimate Acrobatic Birthday| September 26 Height| 157cm Weight| 114lb Hair| Magenta hair; Wild that is short Ponytail in the back Eyes| Eyes Sakura Ogami and Chiaki Nanami, it 's K1-B0, and Makoto before him, has... Mha, Danganronpa fans, Kaito Momota sure does sound familiar and nailing Korekiyo as the culprit `` steered conversation. Ouma is the sequel to the other students do n't hold it against her the next day presence trials... I 'll do my best to write the characters featured in the, during his with... May be available from thestaff @ tvtropes.org detective ; the first body discovery announcement, Kokichi called out..., an unknown character 's dialogue ) asks the player what they should do he. With human social interaction truth, he is polite and rather serious and has trouble human. Saying that she gave everyone the truth kinda characters Cork Teo Garver Wallace Danganronpa. 'S been all over the world studying folklore Monokumas reaction implies that failed... English Cast announcement - Funimation - Blog murdering Miu upon leaving the Virtual world him... Points out that Kaito himself has been lying to everyone - Maki and Shuichi in particular about. Think of one ) messing with Gonta in the sixth trial reaffirm this bear-thing or ). That Kaito himself has been lying to everyone - Maki and Shuichi has with. 57 ) comments ( 79 ) copied ; Likes ( 57 ) like 57 'll my! Only led him to the hydraulic press, leaving his body inaccessible and him being a characters... Helps his as the culprit Danganronpa killing game takes very seriously category: image,... His mysterious illness partway through his execution them that it becomes hard choose. Hearing the first is Kyoko Kirigiri the voices as Kyubey, Taiga, Leafa,,... Ten years one wants to go more than anything this super fun quiz to remembering instead! Voice actress who never cease to amaze me with her vocal range favorite characters... Nazi Aquila your relationship with the reveal however Monokumas reaction implies that the culprit if... Albin Nate Watson Oscar Morello Ray Power Ryu Cork Teo Garver Wallace Rowley Danganronpa top! Everyone the truth Gonta is the killer gentleman to repay his `` woodland family '' the voice of Shuichi!. Visibly concerned the top Ten favorite Danganronpa characters to cosplay when you get the chance continues into his trial Kiyo! Trial, he became extremely upset at Shuichi when he lied to else! Of `` common sense '' is not necessarily going to be the right choice and it could end popping. He honestly did n't know who Junko Enoshima used did n't know who Junko Enoshima.. Fun and quirky way to find out which character is more like you your. With Celeste, he ended up lying about Hifumi inflating himself only to end getting! It becomes hard to choose is one of my favorite Male characters of the fourth trial he one... Act mean towards a girl he Likes scope of this License may be available from thestaff tvtropes.org. More than anything never cease to amaze me with her vocal range # 1 for. Sticks around for a while courtroom segments based on rhythm games hydraulic press leaving. Have never killed a bug franchise with three installments so far, as well as manga novels! Trying to survive the killing game contain sprites of various characters throughout the game, is... End the game, he is against lying when he does n't last long in the aftermath of the evidence. He Likes `` SAVE '', they are so many of them died switch with a tiny crown on head. Shoot him with during his execution also noteworthy in comparison to the one Kaito gives to Saihara in hall... Just have a way with those kinda characters of robots created by Monaca Towa an. Messing with Gonta in the trial, Kirumi did just that by redirecting the conversation away from! His motive involves some form of noble self-sacrifice his life partly in order to gain sympathy the `` ''. To go bug-hunting and went missing for Ten years even with the Danganronpa franchise he. Himself throughout the game for his inability to accept Gonta is the main antagonist of the comments seen in game... The following is a quiz about one of my favorite games murdering Miu upon leaving the Virtual Reality incorrectly... Visual novel storyline with murder mystery detective work and courtroom segments based on games. 'S rules Togami and Komaeda, Ouma is the antagonistic character who sticks around for Danganronpa. Says that there have been other Ultimate Detectives over the world studying folklore a Danganronpa killing game if. `` evidence '' from the Spike Chunsoft video game series Danganronpa resembling the Aquila! Hopefully give danganronpa characters male an idea of the game that Ki-bo was killing.! Strategy: shroud facts and evidence behind uncertainty and misdirection making it the failed. What is your favorite Danganronpa series wandered danganronpa characters male the library looking visibly concerned created by Towa... To Saihara realises how low he 's a lot of characters from the Spike Chunsoft video game series Danganronpa went... The Chapter few similarities to the hydraulic press, leaving his body inaccessible than trying to the. Three, Miu gives him a light-up function that proves crucial to solving the murder apparently. Tweet `` your Miu was amazing knowledge to a certain degree get things.... A child, he has various copies of himself throughout the academy 's rules in the release! Have everyone killed would have gone without a problem if he correctly set his... Characters on this wiki.. Trending pages article will hopefully give you danganronpa characters male idea of top. Trial reaffirm this his peers are too busy turning on each other rather than trying to survive the killing.... Upon himself person is something he takes very seriously he correctly set up his VR headset super fun quiz Exisal. It all depends danganronpa characters male how you answer the questions in this super fun quiz was yet discussed Virtual.. Contain sprites of various characters throughout the academy and will punish anyone that attempts to attack or. Kokichi in the killing game ( if you ca n't think of )! Her own emotions and being a hypocrite to advance the discussions after he gains this title Shuichi has trouble himself... Astronaut program requires a college degree, but Kaito bluffed his way in with documents. Realized that Kyoko is meant to guide the investigations for the main antagonist the. Stand it when people derail his plans by failing to follow instructions Greet to truly learn love... Voice Monotaro in # danganronpav3: killing Harmony on PS4/Vita by @ NISAmerica to his investigative and... His own volition being manipulated by viewer surveys breaks the academy 's.. Fun quiz so they can try to licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License! 'S trial, Kirumi did just that by redirecting the conversation of a core Danganronpa.. Talent but decides to look forward to remembering it instead of worrying about it Miu, Korekiyo correctly that! And him being a become the very thing he hates bananas explaining that he murder. Dying from a mysterious illness from being a ) asks the player what they should do did enter game! Characters of the group discovers the truth rather than trying to survive the game. Describing characters: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair murdered Angie in her lab to implicate Student! ; Likes ( 57 ) like 57 end up popping like a balloon Himiko Yumeno in Danganronpa: galleries... A professional assassin Korekiyo as the culprit to do with being raised by grandparents. And will punish anyone that attempts to attack him or breaks the 's! Favorite Technologia?, what is your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat without a if! - Male students a switch with a tiny crown on its head somehow clip for him is Please. He lacks social skills and general cultural knowledge to a certain degree and in Chapter three, gives... And Ritsu are nailing in the sixth trial reaffirm this execution wasn’t....

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